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released May 17, 2016

Dave - all instruments/vocals


all rights reserved



Dark Trip Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Tony Danza
They call me Tony Danza
They don't know my name
Know that I drink Molson Dry
I drink it every day
Mistakes I've made plenty
Same big man to blame
And if I could take it back I'd do it just the same

Just got out on bail
Fifteen months in jail
For putting my mother in the hospital
Now I'm back at home again
Mama I'm home again

If you see me coming
Followed by police
Better not pull the red flag or I'll break your fuckin' teeth
They call me Tony Danza
Full of discount meat
Everybody knows me I'm the duke of Dundas St

And it's nice to meet you honey
You might not know my name
But you know who I am

And it's nice to meet you honey
You might not know my name
But you know who I am

Tony Danza
Track Name: Big Oil
Big oil
Don't care what you do
Big oil
Do whatever you want
Big oil
Treat me like dirt
Big oil
Gonna get my dirty peasant hands on you

Big oil
Money don't lie
Big oil
It's why you've gotta die
Big oil
Everybody cry
Big oil
It's why you've gotta die

Big oil
Track Name: Didn't Take
I have slit the throats of sacred bulls
And seen the bodies in black cloaks and hoods
Journey to the centre of the mind
I ain't wastin' no more time

Why do witches burn before the saved?
Who is Do and where is heaven's grave?
This lottery keeps everyone awake
Tried out life it didn't take

I am trickster; skelter in the sky
There's no shelter, nowhere left to hide
Never winds up any other way
Tried out life, it didn't take
Track Name: Book of the Dragon
Pierced lip, tattoos
Looking good what have I got to lose?
One drink, and then two
I've been waiting all night for you
You say you're mine
Cocaine; two dimes
We lift our spirits with leather and blow
And chains and whips and gold

Your place, get stoned
6-6-6 handcuff code
Red blood, dark road
Black spells from a book that she owned
"You're rife with sin"
She started reading from the Book of the Dragon
Nightmares of boredom that drive me insane
And dreams of pleasure and pain

Graveyard, moonlight
Me and you, right about midnight
Got hopes, got dreams
But right now I gotta hear you scream
Red wine, pale skin
I started reading from the Book of the Dragon
The demons and devils that give us the light
The demons that give us the night
Track Name: Crushed
I was drinking wine
I was down on the floor
Crushed because you left me
Walked out of my door

I been crushed

It was fire in the moment
And now I'm feeling like you stole it
How can the switch flip quick like that
This hate for you that came on so fast

I been crushed

Pick it up again, forgetting you
The next day forgot the truth

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