by Dark Trip

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released May 24, 2019

Dark Trip is:
Dave - Vox & Gtr
Liam - Gtr
Kiefer - Bass
Mckeever - Drums

Recorded by Travis, James & Dave
Mixed & Mastered by Dave
Art by Hayley


all rights reserved



Dark Trip Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: SICK
Left for dead, bullet in my head
You couldn't speak
I'm back again and I'll have revenge
I know you're weak
Lyin' in the back, waiting to attack
With a cowardly grin
Do whatever you need to win

It makes me sick x4

What I'm gonna do
When I get to you
It makes me sick, but I've got
Bones to break in two
Now you're on the run, thinking that you've won
But I smell rat
I'll find you hiding in the back of the movies again

It makes me sick
Baby I'm an underachiever
Gonna make you a believer
If I'm gonna make you a promise
Gonna try my best to be honest
Never had the time for my learning
Parents always found it concerning
Teachers always on my back
Sayin' I give them heart attacks

I'm droppin' out
But not on you
Tryin' to teach me something
I don't wanna know nothing
I just wanna break the rules

Gonna take you out to a scary movie
Gonna listen to the Flamin' Groovies
Yeah my leather jacket's cool
I don't need to go to school
When it's raining I get wet
But I still smoke my cigarettes
And don't get out of bed 'till three
All the girls love that I'm free

I'm carving skulls in my desk in the back of the room
I don't trust my government and I got
Nothing left to lose

They go
Underachiever x4
Track Name: CRUSHED
I was drinking wine
I was down on the floor
Crushed because you left me
Walked out of my door

I've been crushed x2

It was fire in the moment
And now I'm feeling like you stole it
How can the switch flip quick like that
This hate for you that came on so fast

I've been crushed x2

Pick it up again, forgetting you
The next day forgot the truth
Track Name: ANIMAL
Waves start crashing down
And I've got a release
Veins start pumpin' and I like my rotten teeth
To the beat, to the beat
I got the dough, you bring the heat
Got the mainline baby and I'm never gonna quit it
Got the angel of the bottomless pit

Animal's got a new drug
Don't think he'll ever give it up
Animal's got a new drug

This animal's breakin' down
Fall apart at the seams
Brown coursing through contracts misery
I've got a message for God
I'm so high; you're a fraud
Hit it again, another taste
Got my kit sitting' here in my case

Animal's got a new drug
Don't think he'll ever give it up
Animal's got a new drug
Yeah he's an animal

A rabid dog headspace
The last rites, a total waste
Eternal call to wanderlust
Disintegrate; ashes to dust
"Get straight" they all say
A silhouette; total decay
The lungs fail, the crow flies
Justice moves my maker on high

Animal's got a new drug
Don't think he'll ever give it up
Animal's got a new drug

He's an animal x4
Blink and he's gone
"Confess, confess confess!"
I've got a ticket to ride excess
I've got a death sentence baby,
You know I'm gonna be a success
No more words they seem untrue
No more burials to attend
A final twist or two
And I'll be ready for the end

If you think your purpose lies
Between the bars of memories
Slow decay of magic youth;
Teenage unreality

Mad consolidation of my
Past and future victims

I'm the creator of faces
I've got my praise for the dark
I fill my eyes with the hatred
Bite rotten flies with the sharks
Hang over evil for days then
Make good on all of the lies
And now the door is unbolted
And I'm outta time

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